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Credit Cards

We now offer a wide choice of credit card and debit card packages with great benefits, both UK credit cards, UK debit cards and offshore credit cards for status and non status people alike.

If you have a poor credit history or perhaps you have been declared bankrupt  -  take a look at our 'Guaranteed Acceptance' credit cards and debit cards.

Credit Cards issued by the likes of Barclaycard include a MasterCard branded credit card and a VISA branded credit card.

There are many well known credit card issuers who even consider applications for a credit card from people with adverse credit or poor credit history  -  their philosophy is everyone deserves the chance to get a credit card ...  they are an ideal starting point at which to apply for a credit card.

Alternatively, the NEW Prepaid AMEX / American Express Travellers Cheque Card, MasterCard or VISA may be your answer  -  acceptance for the MasterCard or VISA card is guaranteed, no matter how bad your credit history  -  visit for further information !

In today's day and age, with the internet becoming ever more popular and the added benefits of a credit cards acceptance worldwide ...  a credit card is now classed as an essential item.

With such a good choice of credit cards available, there's sure to be one that's right for you ... 

Due to the volume of enquiries received for credit cards from US residents, we now have a dedicated page for your information  -  see 'US Residents' section for further details on credit cards available ...  


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